Whether you love to take your furry friend on a ride with you occasionally or take them with you every day to work, you’ll have to deal with the fur they leave behind in your car. You’ll dislike dealing with having to clean their hair all over your car.

Pet hairs can be problematic, but they shouldn’t be. The first step to removing hair starts with vacuuming. Follow these steps and be sure to have a stress-free and swell time removing the hairs from your car.

Use a vacuum

The most effective solutions to problems are always the most obvious. A high-powered vacuum cleaner is the easiest way to get a lot of pet hair from your cars. This is most effective if you use the wand attachment to dig into the nooks and crannies of the car. An upright vacuum will work better than a handheld model. If these vacuums don’t work well enough for you, you can take the car to gas stations where they have more powerful vacuums that work just fine, for a fee, of course.

Use rubber gloves

Put on a pair of rubber gloves and try rubbing your hands over the car seats. This would make the hairs move up in chunks, making them easy to remove and pick out of the chairs. Ensure to move your hands in the same direction at all times; else, you’d be undoing what you’ve done.

Duct tape

Get duct tape if you don’t already have one in your car or trunk. Unroll it, turn it inside out, wrap it around your hand, and use the sticky end to pick up loose hairs on your car seats. This method works only for a few stray hairs and not a large number of hairs, as you’d have to use a whole lot of tape.

Use lint rollers

This works almost the same way as duct tape, but unlike the tape, it’s already rolled onto a stick. You roll it on the seats after the major hairs have been removed from the seats, as using it with large chunks of hair can wear out your lint.

Use balloon

Surprise right? Here’s how it works, inflated balloons use static electrical energy to attract hairs on surfaces. Rub the balloon on the chair’s surface, and the collected hairs on the balloon can be wiped off. You can reuse it as needed and trash it when you’re done.

How to prevent pet hair in future

It’s hard to completely stop hairs from falling on car seats, but there are ways of curtailing or reducing fallouts and making a mess.

  • Brush your pet’s hair before taking them out.
  • Get a car seat cover for your car.
  • Always keep your pets contained in one seat, don’t let them move around in the car.

After reading through these tips and you don’t feel you are up to the task, contact us and our professionals will get your car in prime condition in no time with excellent vacuuming and interior cleaning services.