Wear and tear will naturally take its toll on your vehicle over time, and the sheen and glaze will slowly fade. This is to be expected, given the effects of the elements. Getting your car sleek and shiny again will take some effort, but luckily, you have a great option.

Ceramic Pro coatings give your car exterior a permanent, durable bond, making it impervious to the adverse effects of human-inflicted battering and environmental damage.

However, with any investment, it is important to do your homework on selecting the best professional ceramic coating installer. An installer that has worked on all different vehicle types and has a great portfolio/reviews to stand by their work.

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Applying ceramic coating properly

While nanocoating protects against bird droppings and other organic stains, as well as the sun’s ultraviolet rays, installing it is far from straightforward.

For this reason, you need a professionally installed product. You can’t just do it yourself. For one, you have to get the right type of product, preferably of commercial grade.

Also, it has to be applied by a professional because the application process and prep work are complex and take long. If there’s a missed area or the excess medium isn’t scooped off efficiently, it can sabotage the entire task. That’s why you need pros like O.C. Detail to get it done for you right.


The best ceramic coating installers

At O.C. Detail, you get the best, fully certified ceramic coating services in the Minneapolis area. Unlike some others, we’re trained and certified by Ceramic Pro to install their coatings. Here are some reasons why O.C. Detail stands out:

  • We have a professional team trained in accurate and efficient ceramic coating installation.
  • We have access to the authentic and exclusive coating solutions obtained directly from the manufacturers.
  • Our work is highly durable and is guaranteed to last for up to three years.
Accredited Partner

When looking to protect your car, you shouldn’t just get a ceramic coating installed; you need to have it installed by a trained and certified installer.

At O.C. Detail, we have a wide range of ceramic coating products and well-trained detailers to give your car all-round protection and restore its glazy beauty.