Tires do a lot more for your car than moving it from one spot to another, they help to balance the car and even contribute to the general appearance of your car.

However, we cannot look away from the fact that replacing old tires can be a bit expensive especially if you drive premium cars.

How detailing can bring your tires back to life

One major way to bring your tires back to life is by detailing your tires. Unlike regular tire cleaning, detailing is a more intense care procedure.

Here is how detailing brings your tires back to life:

It prevents the blooming and browning of your tires

A special chemical is used in the production of tires, mainly to prevent the effects of ozone in the atmosphere from damaging the tires. This chemical is known as Antiozonant and its key function is to prevent the tires from cracking, oxidizing, or splitting when it comes in contact with ozone.

However, contact with air causes Antiozonant to turn brown and give your tires an odd color. Detailing involves the cleaning and scrubbing away dirt and grime as well as nourishing of your tires with dressings and coatings. This process helps your tires to restore and retain the dark, black color over a long time.


It prevents your tires from rotting

Your tires can begin to experience dry rot, especially when they’ve not been driven for a while, which means Antiozonant had not been distributed around the tire to protect it from the weather. At O.C. Detail, we can apply a coating that protects the tires from the elements and prevents rotting. If your car sits in the garage or driveway for a long time, it’s time to get a detailing service.

Additional benefits of detailing your tires

Some other benefits you stand to enjoy from detailing your tires include:

Your tires last longer

Detailing protects your tires from wearing and tearing and will make them last longer, which means you save money on constant repairs or replacement of the tires.

It makes your car look good

While detailing does a great deal to protect the chemical composition of your tires, it also involves cleaning and proper care of your tires that makes them look new and improves the overall appearance of your car.

Increases the resale value of your car

If you’re looking to sell your car, properly detailed tires are a good idea because they let prospective buyers know that every part of the car is properly taken care of and it looks good too.


Tips for proper tire detailing

Here are some tips to help you ensure your tires are properly detailed:

  • When preparing to detail your tires, wash the tires first before the body of the car.
  • Handle the tires one at a time so that the products don’t dry up before you’re done detailing.
  • Make sure to use products that are formulated for tires including soaps, brushes, and detailing products.
  • Make sure you dry your tires after cleaning so that there’s no water residue and to ensure they are ready before dressing and coating are applied.

The fact is, it takes a professional detailing company to prevent tire damage and revive your aging tire. Also, never attempt a DIY to prevent damaging the rim and avoid a poor result. For the best car and tire detailing service in Minnesota, you can’t go wrong with O. C. Detail. Request a quote today.