Whether you commute to work and back daily in your car or run errands occasionally, you want to keep it looking its best always. But keeping your car clean can be demanding. Here are some simple hacks for keeping a clean car.


Hand wash your car frequently

Hand washing your car will remove bird droppings, dirt, salt, grime, and other contaminants. Why not take it to an automatic cash wash? Their brushes may contain rocks and other debris that can damage your car paint.

So whether it’s once a week or bi-weekly, set up a washing schedule and stick to it. Open all the doors and clean out the dirt sitting in the jambs. Wash the wheel areas and remove salt and other items that might cause rust. You should also wash in the shade to prevent water spots.

Don’t just park anywhere

While it’s easier to park in a spot you can quickly access, it may not be the best for your car’s exterior. For example, when you park near an entrance, other vehicles are likely to dent your car accidentally. Parking under a tree is an invitation for birds to put their droppings on your car.

Ceramic coating

When it comes to keeping your car’s exterior super clean, applying ceramic coating is the ultimate solution. Ceramic coating permanently shield’s your car’s paint from the harsh elements, dirt, bird droppings, salt, rock chips, and other contaminants. The icing on the cake is that it’s a lot cheaper and more effective than traditional polishing and waxing.



Use rubber floor mats

It seems obvious, but some cars do not come with floor mats. If yours don’t, be quick to buy them at an auto shop, even if they are not an exact fit. Floor mats shield your carpet from dust and stains and extend their life. They are also easier to clean and replace than carpets.

Vacuum weekly

Dust and dirt can permanently stain your car’s upholstery if not removed in time. So, once a week, it pays to use a shop or household vacuum to clean out the dirt, dust, and debris from your car seats, floor mats, and carpets.


Clean nooks and cranny

Pay attention to hidden spots to dislodge specks of dust and dirt from your car.

You can use a toothbrush to remove dried liquids and food crumbs embedded in the seat cracks. Wipe areas around radio buttons and trim lines with a cloth. Use a paintbrush or foam brush to clean your car’s air vent.

Clean spills right away

When spills stay longer on your car upholstery, they become stains, which are difficult to remove. So it’s best to simply clean spills immediately they occur.

Use car seat cover

Car seat covers act as barriers between your seats and stains. And you can always wash the seat covers in the washing machine when they get dirty.