You won’t want to buy a car that looks like it’s been through hell and back, so it’s only fair to assume that no one wants that. If you’re hoping to get a good amount for selling your car, you have to make sure it looks good enough for the price.

Car detailing is a simple but effective way to restore your vehicle to as close to new as it can get. Here are some reasons why it’s best to get your car detailed before selling it, but first, let’s take a look at how car detailing will affect the value of your car positively.

  • Dashboard and console

Every buyer would want to check out the dashboard and console of a car before purchase. A good car detail will help you help get rid of all the stains, dust and dirt on the console to look as good as new. This will interest the buyer.

  • Clean carpets

A good car detail will clean and dry the car carpets to get rid of stains and bad odours. This also increases the appeal of your car to buyers.

  • Clean seats

Clean seats are added perks to your car. Every buyer will be pleased with a squeaky clean car interior with stain-free and grime-free seats.

  • Clean engine

It’s easy to overlook cleaning your car engine because it stays hidden under the hood. However, many buyers do a thorough inspection, including checking out what’s under the hood. Having a clean engine will appeal to buyers.

Why should you get your car detailed before selling it?

Here are some reasons why car detailing is important if you plan on selling your vehicle.

  • Reduces the rate of depreciation

Car detailing entails more than a regular car wash. It involves a thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior parts of the car, and sometimes even the engine. This type of maintenance keeps the car looking clean and new for a very long time and reduces the vehicle’s depreciation rate.

  • Increases your car resell value

If your car looks good and clean, people will want to pay more for it, and you’d be able to sell it for its actual worth. A car might not be so old or even damaged, but if it’s not properly maintained, buyers would want to pay less than the vehicle is worth. Car detailing is a great way to ensure your car looks good and increases its resell value.

  • Curb appeal

Everybody wants to buy a car that looks good parked outside their property. A nice car does a lot for curb appeal, and I’m sure many buyers also have this in mind when looking to buy a car.


Regular maintenance and car detailing will ensure that your car maintains its beauty and does its bit to improve the curb appeal.

Before you put that car up for sale, you should find good car detailing services in Minnetonka. Contact O.C Detail Vehicle Correction and Protection Specialists today!