Ceramic coating is an extra protective layer applied to the exterior surface. There are numerous benefits of getting a ceramic coating for your car, and one of them is how durable a ceramic coating is.

Unlike its wax alternative, ceramic coatings are very durable. But the big question is:

How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last?

This is a frequently asked question that we receive often when it comes to ceramic car coatings. Our answer to this question is that ceramic car coatings will last anywhere from 6 months to the lifetime of the vehicle, depending on which package you choose. Here at O.C. Detail, will happily discuss the different options and packages you can choose from.

The quality of the layer used.

There are different types of coatings from various brands and manufacturers. The quality of the layer is important in determining how long the ceramic coating will last.

How much you drive your car.

How much your car is driven also determines how long your ceramic coating will last. Do you only drive short distances a few times a week? Or are you always on the road, driving long distances?

If your car is constantly used, it is more exposed to the elements and objects that could scratch its surface. Therefore it won’t last as long as if you rarely drive your car.

The types of road you ply.

If you constantly ply bad roads with potholes and sharp stones, then your ceramic coating might wear off sooner than you think.

Climate and temperature.

Harsh weather conditions, especially hot weather, can negatively impact your vehicle and cause your ceramic coating to wear off faster.


How well you maintain your car also plays a role in determining how long the ceramic coating will last. How often is your car washed? What kind of tools are used to wash your car? Do you get your car detailed? All these maintenance tips would help your ceramic coating last longer.

How To Make Your Ceramic Coating Last Long

Here are some tips to help you make your ceramic coating more durable.

Be careful where you park your vehicle.

After applying a ceramic coating to your car, it could take a few weeks to cure properly. And in this time, it’s easy to get damaged.

You need to be careful where you park your car. For instance, don’t park where bird droppings would get on your car or tree sap would fall on it. Also, do your best to avoid splashing your car with dirty water or mud.

Wash your car regularly.

Ceramic coatings provide an extra protective layer for your vehicle to keep water and dirt from binding to the paint coating of your car. However, dirt can build up on the ceramic coating and remove the shine and beautiful finish it gives to your car. Regular washing helps keep your car and ceramic coating clean.

Washing and drying your car properly would help your ceramic coating last longer.


Detail your car regularly.

Getting a detail job is another way to make your ceramic coating last longer, especially when done by a professional.

A good detail job will help restore the shine to your car and keep it looking clean for a long time.

If you take proper care of your car, your ceramic coating may last up to five years before it needs to be reapplied.

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