As a car owner, it’s a huge responsibility to take care of your car. Because your vehicle gets you everywhere you need to be, it’s only normal that you want your car to look and be protected. One of the best ways to care for your car is by getting it detailed.

How often you should get your car detailed is entirely up to you. However, several other factors determine how often you want your car to be detailed. Some of these factors include:

How often the car is driven

If you drive your car very often, then you’d need to get your car detailed every few months to ensure that it’s in tip-top condition. Car experts suggest that you get your car detailed every 4-6 months.

The distance you usually drive

If you take long drives with your vehicle, you may need a regular detailing job done on your car to get rid of dirt and debris in the car, engine, and exterior.

Overall, how often your car is detailed is up to you. There’s no such thing as having a car that looks too clean, and as a car lover, you must take good care of your car.

How often you wash and wax it

The number of times you wax and wash your car is a key determinant of how and when you should get your car detailed. If wax and wash frequently, you probably need to run a detailing procedure once a year.

If you want to sell your car

If you want to get maximum value off your car, then you need it looking spick and span, gorgeous enough for a buyer to pay top dollar for it.

You are advised to get your car detailed whenever you want to sell it, as it restores your car exterior and interior to near-prime condition.


If you are particular about aesthetics

You don’t have to wait for several months’ worth of dents and scratches to cover your car before you take it away for detailing. If you like to look good and like having your car look nice at all times, there’s no better reason to get your car detailed.

At O.C. Detail, we not only thoroughly clean your car but also give it a glossy, slick look with ceramic coating! Let’s give your car a thorough makeover with expert detailing. Contact us today!