The exterior of the new Chevrolet Silverado you just bought from the dealership is shiny and perfect.

But you’re afraid that a few years down the line, the shine and perfection will be gone, replaced by dents, scratches, chips, and stains. To keep your car looking as good as new many years from now, you’re considering ceramic coating because of its many benefits, but the question on your mind is, “is ceramic coating worth the cost?”

As one of the leading Minneapolis ceramic coating experts, we’ll break it down for you and let you know whether it is worth the cost or not. Let’s go!

Benefits of ceramic coating

Before we field your question, it’s important to examine the benefits of ceramic coatings. For full information on the benefits, we have a great post dedicated specifically to that topic that you can read.

To summarize the post, ceramic coatings offer protection against pollutants and UV rays, protects against bird bathroom duties, makes your car’s exterior easier to clean, increase the resale value of your car, and help save money.

To determine whether ceramic coating is worth the cost, we also have to look at the cost of installation.

How much does professional ceramic coating cost?

For a professional ceramic coating Minneapolis at O. C. Detail, you can choose one of the four packages – Gold, Silver Plus One, Silver, and Bronze – offering varying levels of warranty, layers of coating, and other features.

The Gold package offers a lifetime warranty, four layers of 9H-rated ceramic coating, and one layer of topcoat. All preps are also included, and you get your wheels and windshield coated. The basic package, bronze, offers a two-year warranty, one layer topcoat, and other benefits as the premium package.

Depending on the package you choose, prep work, supplies, the size of your vehicle, and storage, the cost of professional ceramic coating can vary between $600 and $4000.


Is ceramic coating worth the cost?


Over time, ceramic coating (if you get one from a professional Minneapolis ceramic coating expert) is will protect your asset over the long haul of driving it. In addition, it also offers more protection than traditional waxing and polishing. If you want your Chevrolet Silverado to have a fresh-out-of-the-showroom look, waxing isn’t an option.

Now that you know that ceramic coating is worth it, you want to have one applied in Minneapolis. Maybe you have some questions for us. Just connect with us, and we’ll respond right away!