We wanted to provide a simple layout of our packages and as a generality, let you see the basics.  There are many other services O.C.Detail provides and if you don't see what you're looking for, we hope you won't hesitate to ask.  For example, we can execute on much more specific jobs, such as headlight restoration, or bug/tar removal, but didn't want to bog you down with all the extra stuff.  We've specifically addressed dog vomit, rat feces, rat urine, well, you get the idea.  Our point, let us know if you have a specific request.

If you Google how often you should detail your vehicles' exterior, you will likely see several sites and/or blogs that recommend at least twice a year.  To the general public that may seem like a lot.  Based on the difference in value at the end of a vehicles' life (great condition vs. poor condition), it might be surprising to know that there can often be over a 30% difference in value.  There are a lot of factors that can play a role in that number, but as a rule of thumb, there's validity in the statistics.  For example, UV rays are the most harmful contaminant to your vehicles' paint.  So if you park outside during the day (work), the condition of your car is drastically effected.  However if you have a 6 month sealant on the vehicle, then the twice a year detail ($240) seems like a bargain.  If you're forward thinking enough, consider a 3 year protection with a ceramic coating and save yourself some time.  Of course, we should mention that you'll look great too.

Regarding value, the same is true in keeping up with the interior.  If dirt stays on a surface long enough, it can stain and be that much more difficult to remove.  In Minnesota, salt has a way of ruining a cars' interior and if not addressed within a reasonable amount of time, can be extraordinarily difficult to remove.  If matted to an extreme, sometimes there's not a lot that can be done.  O.C.Detail is the only detailing company in the Twin Cities that has Sterilization as an option for interiors.  Pressurized dry vapor at 300 plus degrees will eradicate bacteria and totally disinfect your vehicles' interior.  See our sterilization page for more eco-friendly benefits.



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