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5 Reasons to Get Your Car Detailed

Your car looks brilliant when it's brand new. The sleek, shiny look is cause for excitement, and you're keen to show it off at every chance you get. Then, you start driving it around, and that's where the problem begins.

Car detailing can help you to restore your vehicle to its original state. Why bother with the cost, some may ask?

Well, here are five reasons why you should do so.

#1. Driver Comfort

Imagine sitting in an untidy car, with soda cans and paper cans strewn everywhere. It's not just disgusting or irritating- it's annoying. For the driver's comfort and whoever else is in the car, it is preferable to maintain a clean interior.

With good car detailing, you can have your car vacuumed to take out all the physical garbage. 

#2. Resale Value

Detailing your car is the best way to revamp it. When you detail your car, you attempt to restore it to a condition as close to brand new as possible.

If you want to protect your auto investment, then detailing your car is the way to go. If you hope to sell it in the future, you should take cleaning and detailing seriously. No buyer will offer top dollar for a car that looks like it has been driven to hell and back.

A good car detail will also make your car more attractive to buyers. If your car is properly waxed and polished, or you have perhaps had some new fancy accessory installations done, you are sure to get maximum value when reselling.

#3. Appearance Maintenance

After many months or years of use, your car will begin to look old. Even if you use it sparingly and with the utmost care, it is a certainty that some parts will degrade. Chunks of dust will creep into tight crevices and colonize the space. The chassis will lose its original, sleek luster until the shine becomes drab.

When you give your car routine cleaning and detailing, it will look as close to new as possible. All you need to do is invest a little in waxing, painting, and special treatment for plastic materials. Although your car will never look the way it did in the showroom when you first bought it, detailing it is the best thing to do to help your car maintain its appearance.

#4. Interior Leather Protection

Just as well, your interior leather surfaces are afforded extra protection when treated with protectant. This way, the leather quality is maintained, and there will be no chance of the leather cracking or drying out over time.

In addition, plastic materials inside your car are treated with special liquids and products that will help to eliminate any lingering odor.

#5. Health and Safety

If aesthetics do not appeal to you, then health and safety surely will. Having dust and bacteria lingering in seats, on the glass, between the leather, and even on the steering wheel is far from ideal.

For every day that you do not vacuum your car, you leave yourself vulnerable to ill health from constant exposure to illness-causing organisms.

In addition, you should detail your car for the sake of safety. For example, a glass coating will increase visibility when driving in wet weather, and your wipers will work better. In the same vein, a headlight coating will improve nighttime driving visibility.

Need to have your car detailed? Contact us at O.C Detail, and let's give your car a clean, polished interior and look! 

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