It feels good to drive around in a clean car, doesn’t it? This is why every car owner stops by the car wash now and then.

The luxurious feel of looking out your clean car windows is not the only benefit of having clean windows; it is equally as important for maintaining safety on the road.

Every car owner should know how to make their car windows spotless, and here are some tips to help you out.

1. Wash your car before cleaning the windows

In order to get the best results, you should wash your car first.

A good car wash will take away most of the grime, dust, dirt, dead insects, and other particles from the surface of your car windows.

You can decide to get your car washed at a car wash or even do it yourself.

2. Use clean microfiber towels

It’s easy to pick up a dirty rag lying around to clean your car windows.

However, once the windows are dry, you will end up with spots or streaks of dirt on the windows. It’s quite logical.

Use clean microfiber towels to wipe down your car windows and remove any dirt on the surface.

Microfiber towels are perfect because they do not leave particles on the windows after cleaning.

If you’re dealing with grease stains, it’s best to use a different cloth with rubbing alcohol to remove the stains.

3. Clean both the inside and outside of the windows

There are two parts to getting spotless car windows, and it involves cleaning inside and outside the windows.

Since the windows are made of transparent glass, dirt on the inside is visible on the outside and vice versa.

You can apply glass cleaner to the towel before wiping down the glass when cleaning the interior glass.

However, because the exterior glass is more exposed to dirt and other sticker substances, applying the glass cleaner directly on the surface makes the job a lot easier.

You can apply glass cleaner in sections to avoid drying up before you’re ready.

4. Follow the vertical, then horizontal wiping pattern

If you’re looking to get a spotless finish on your car windows, adopt the vertical and horizontal wiping pattern.

First, clean the windows vertically – up and down motion – and then horizontally – that is side to side motion. This helps you get rid of streaks that usually appear after cleaning the windows.

5. Clean your car in a cool environment

The best time to clean your car is when the weather is cool or under a shade. This is because heat causes your cleaning materials to dry up too quickly, leaving spots on the window.

If you clean under a shade or in a cool environment, the cleaner doesn’t dry up so fast, making cleaning the windows without spots or stains easier.

Now that you know how to clean your car windows, it’s best to also get auto detailing to complement your effort and keep your car looking clean and new. Reach out to O.C. Detail today!