Most car owners only worry about glass protection when they’re driving. However, there are concerns for when you’re not using your car, such as when it’s parked in the garage. The paintwork often takes up much concern, but the condition of the windows are just as important. To protect your car windows at home, you can perform certain tasks yourself. Here are a few ways you can protect your car windows at home.

Take note of the temperature

A temperature change may cause the glasses to expand or contract. Over time, intense heat directly applied to your windshield can weaken the glasses. Due to this, it is only right that you protect your car windows by parking under shades.

Avoid using ammonia-based cleaning agents

While washing your car, avoid using ammonia-based cleaning agents.

These chemicals are primarily used inside buildings and homes to clean architectural glass and have a destructive effect on your car windows.

Rather, use homemade solutions like water and vinegar(make sure you rinse off completely when done) or use an automaker-approved cleaning product.

Don’t expose the car to prolonged periods of sunlight

Whenever you’re not out driving, ensure that your car is parked somewhere the sunlight can’t reach it for long stretches of time.

Lengthy exposure can cause UV ray damage to the car’s windows. Ensure to park your car inside a garage, in the shade or use a protective cover.

Avoid slamming your car door

Slamming your car door either out of frustration or unintentionally can send shockwaves through your glass, weakening it. If this habit continues, it may end up causing significant damage to your window, causing you to spend more money than necessary.

Repair windshields when there are cracks in them

To keep your car in good condition, you should always do a routine check on every part of the car. If you notice a crack or depression on your car window, you should call for repair immediately, especially if it’s a small chip, so that you can spend less.

Do not wait until the situation is at its worst before taking action. You may then have to replace the entire windshield, which can cost you lots of money.

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Accredited Partner

Protect the glass with ceramic pro

Ceramic pro is a clear, multilayered liquid nano-ceramic veneer that is applied over your glass windshield. It works as an additional clear coat layer, only that it’s much harder. The protective effect is truly impressive, and has three times the hardness clear coat. Ceramic pro also has self-cleaning properties, and you can easily remove any surface scratches with some light polishing.

A ceramic coating is one of the best ways to protect your car’s exterior. Request a quote to get the most durable and protective ceramic coating in Minneapolis, MN, today.