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What is a Car Ceramic Coating?

A car ceramic coating is a chemical polymer that can be applied to the outside of a car to protect it from paint damage. A car ceramic coating can be applied manually to blend with the original car paint. Car ceramic painting adds an extra waterproof layer of protection to your car.

What Can You Expect with Ceramic Car Coating?

Protects the vehicle from damage from oxidation or ultraviolet radiation

Exposure to constant sunlight will cause the external paint of a car to oxidize, giving rise to a faded or dulled appearance. A ceramic car coating protects the exterior car paint, reduces oxidation, and keeps the exterior paint lasting longer.

Protects your car exterior from Chemical Stains and Etching

Natural acidic contaminants in our environment can potentially damage your vehicle’s exterior. Ceramic car coating provides a more resilient layer to your vehicle, allowing it to withstand etching or stains from these chemical contaminants, provided they are removed as soon as possible.

What You Should Not Expect from Ceramic Car Coating

It is important to note that a ceramic car coating is not a miracle product to solve all your car exterior problems. This section will look at what a ceramic car coating does not do for your car.

It will not completely eliminate the risk of scratches or swirls

A ceramic-coated car exterior may be resistant to stains and effects of the weather, but it is not completely resistant to scratches from rock chips or other vehicles. Also, if the car is not properly washed or washed at an automated car wash, there will be swirls irrespective of the ceramic coating.

It will not protect your car from water spotting

So many people think that the water-resistant quality of ceramic car coatings will eliminate water spotting on their vehicles. While it is true that the surface is water-resistant and most of the water droplets are repelled, the little that beads on the surface of the ceramic coating have the ability to crest water spotting.

It does not eliminate the need to wash or clean your car

A ceramic car coating will make getting rid of dirt particles easier for you, especially if they are cleaned as soon as they occur. This doesn’t mean that you do not need to wash your car; it only takes away the need for consistent waxing and exterior maintenance.

Tips for Beginners to Apply Ceramic Car Coating at Home

If you’ve never applied a ceramic car coating to your vehicle before, here are some tips to help you with the process.

  • You mustn’t try to apply the coating under direct sunlight. The ceramic coating could be very difficult to work with if handled under very high temperatures. You can check the weather forecast to know when would be the best time to apply the ceramic coating to your car, leaving enough time to dry and cure.

  • Take the project one bit at a time and work in small sections. Patience is key when applying a ceramic coating and ensuring a good light source to help you view the vehicle from different angles and avoid overusing the product.

  • Don’t be in a hurry to finish, be patient and take your time with the process. The result will be worth it in the end.

Detailing your car is a task for professionals. You have to apply the right coating that works for your car and consider other factors too. Save yourself the hassle and bring your car over to O.C Detail for a fine, glossy finish. Contact us today!

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