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What Is Ceramic Car Coating?

Ceramic coating is an industry-grade polymer solution applied to cars to protect the paint from damage. It is usually applied by hand and blends with the color of the car paint, creating a waterproof layer over the exterior.

Many people see ceramic car coating as a substitute for paint protection film. In truth, ceramic coating is a substitute for waxing. Both car procedures are primarily done to prevent stain marks, grime, and dirt from showing up on the original paint job, thus spoiling the car's clear coat.

Ceramic coating is also known as nano-ceramic coating. Depending on the kind of polymer used, the coating may be semi-permanent or permanent. The chemicals used are such that extreme weather conditions cannot tamper with the coating.

Can you afford ceramic coating?

Having purchased a new car, you should consider getting ceramic coating as a matter of priority. If you aren't selling the car in a long time, it's smart to get ceramic car coating as it will help you save on maintenance costs.

Even if you're selling your car anytime soon, the ceramic coating will increase its value, and you can sell for higher.

If you've purchased a new car, you should allocate some budget to perform ceramic coating as soon as you get the keys.

How much does ceramic coating cost?

Ceramic coatings may be expensive, but they are certainly worth the cost. If you have an exotic supercar or a high-end luxury car, you will potentially pay anywhere between $400 and $5,000.

If you prefer to do it yourself, the kits cost upwards of $100. However, you will need the additional detailing materials required to polish, decontaminate and clean the paint before applying the coat. When you factor all of these in, you will be spending thousands of dollars as well.

Benefits of ceramic car coating

Your car's paint job can lose its luster if it is constantly exposed to the sun. If your job involves a lot of driving, or you park exclusively or predominantly outdoors, you should look to get a ceramic car coating. Other than physical stains, chemical stains can potentially damage your car paint job. With a good ceramic car coating, you have good protection against air pollution, and your car is bound to stay sleek and shiny.

Ceramic Pro - The best permanent coating on the market

Ceramic Pro offers more than just nice aesthetics- it increases the durability of the exterior by more than 50%. It is the hardest type of car paint coating that you can get today. 

In addition, the glass shield will protect the clear coat from minor scratches, acting as a type of sacrificial layer. This way, you can better protect the original factory coating.

Also, Ceramic Pro has a special nano-technology that allows the coating to cover every tiny part of the paint. This thorough immersion is the reason for its slick, glossy, and hydrophobic properties.

In addition, it reduces the impact of physical contaminants like graffiti paint, dirt, tar, bird droppings, and dirt. This way, these alien properties are unable to chemically bond with the surface. When you wash your car, or it rains, the water removes the dirt via encapsulation, giving a self-cleaning effect.

Do you need an extensive car job? Bring it to us at O.C Detail, and we'll make it as good as new!

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