Ceramic glass coating is a nano-ceramic coating designed specifically for glass.

The ceramic glass coating keeps the glass safe and cleaner by reducing the glare and sheeting water.

Every car owner desires to keep their car looking clean and spotless. However, most people only pay attention to the car’s exterior and forget about the windshield and car windows.

Investing in protection for your car windows and windscreen is just as crucial as getting paint protection.

Here are some benefits of ceramic glass coating:

Better visibility during storms

Heavy rain storms can make the windshield and windows foggy, making it hard to see if you’re driving. Ceramic glass coating helps reduce the fogginess of the glass due to its ability to shield water. This can help prevent road accidents during storms.

The glass is resistant to scratches

Ceramic car coating provides an extra layer of protection to your windows and windscreen and prevents scratches and damage from dirt, stones, and other causes of damage.

This keeps the glass looking clean and new for a long time.

It makes the glass easier to clean

Getting stains like tree sap, dead bugs, or bird poop off your car windows can be difficult, but with a ceramic glass coating, it is easier to get these stains off. This is because the surface is repellant to stains and easier to wipe off than the glass surface of the windows.

How is ceramic glass coating applied?

Here’s how ceramic glass coating is professionally applied to car windows and windscreens:


The first step in the application process is to prepare the glass surface for application. The preparation begins with inspecting the glass surface to make sure that there’s no damage or crack. If you notice any issues with the glass, it’s best to replace it before applying the ceramic coating.

If the glass is in good condition, it is washed with clay bars to make the surface smooth and cleaned and wiped down with a microfibre towel and a diluted alcohol isopropyl solution.

Actual application

The next step is the actual application of the ceramic coating. This is done in a shade or away from excess sunlight, otherwise, the curing could go wrong and the coating won’t last long.


After the coating has been applied, move the car under sunlight and allow it to cure. The curing process takes about 48 hours, during which there should be no water contact.


Once the coating has been cured, the aftercare procedure is carried out. The aftercare procedure involves wiping the windows down with automotive soap and water. Glass cleaners should not be used on the coating as they could damage the coating.


Is applying ceramic glass coating worth it?

You may wonder if getting a ceramic glass coating is worth the cost when cheaper options have the same results, such as spray-on protection.

These solutions are not durable and would cost more to redo than it would to get a ceramic coating that could last up to years with minimal maintenance.

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