When it comes to car care and cleaning, winter months are the most difficult months of the year. The accumulation of snow and mud makes cleaning your car exterior a tedious chore, not to mention the amount of dirt your shoes track into your car every day.

Another difficult part of cleaning your car in the winter is how unpleasant and uncomfortable it is to stay in the cold for a prolonged time while washing.

However, here are some tips to make washing your car in the winter easier:

Dress for the weather

If you’re not appropriately dressed to deal with the harsh winter weather conditions, washing your car could cause more harm to you. Ensure that you’re properly dressed and covered for the weather to keep from getting sick or catching a cold. You could wear a coat, boots, and rubber gloves to protect yourself while washing your car.

Don’t scrub your car

During the winter, it is best to avoid scrubbing your car to avoid grinding dirt and dust particles into the paint of your car which can cause damage or leave scratches on your vehicle. It’s best to gently soap down your car and rinse off the dirt instead of scrubbing. Alternatively, you could use a foam gun, if available, to soap down your car as opposed to the tedious job of soaping down with a bucket of water and soap.

Do not use hot water for your car

It can be tempting to use a bucket of hot water to wash our car, especially due to the extremely cold weather; however, it’s important to note that hot water is not good for glass and should not be used to wash your car. Warm water is preferable for washing your car in the winter so that you do not freeze and you’ll be more comfortable while washing your car.

Consider washing your car indoors

If the cold is too much for you to handle, you can consider washing your car indoors either in your garage or a wash bay if available. This way, you can stay shielded from the harsh weather while you wash your car. Additionally, it prevents your car from freezing up mid-wash.


Contact a professional car wash or detailer

You can use thick wax or other types of sealants to protect your car from damage that could be caused by harsh weather. These waxes also make cleaning the surfaces of your vehicle easy to clean and maintain so that it is not so tedious when you have to wash them. You could take your car to a car wash to get it washed and cleaned and save yourself all the stress.

However, the ultimate solution is to get your car detailed to make future cleaning and washing easier. Professionals are more knowledgeable on how to take care of your car in different weather conditions and will ensure your car is in good condition.

Feel free to reach out to O.C Detail for your car detailing and care needs even in the harsh winter conditions.