Car detailing to cars is akin to a luxurious spa treatment for humans. Rejuvenating your aged car is something you should do every now and then.

The glossy, sparkling luster of a freshly-detailed car is a breath of fresh air, a new chapter, and should therefore be seen as such.

Expensive as it is, getting an auto detail in Minneapolis is something anyone should aspire to. You aren’t just getting a new coat of shiny Ferrari-red or Mercedez midnight-black. You’re also protecting your car from the dust and scratches of ages.

There are a lot of benefits to this, as you’ll soon find out. If you’re concerned about the inherent costs or the real positives compared to a simple wash, here are some strong points to sway your thinking:

Make your car last long

Cross-country trips are fun with plenty of cheese, burgers, drinks and radio music hits.

The main issue is when you reach your destination and park your car, only to realize that the entire exterior is coated with sand, tar and the dust of ages.

It doesn’t even matter whether you make frequent long trips or not. If you’ve been using your car for weeks and months, you can expect to see the impact of the elements right on its very chassis.

Other than dirt and bugs, ultraviolet rays from the sun eat into the plastic trim, chrome finish and car paint. If you want your car to look like it’s just come from the showroom, you must eliminate road contaminants.

Detailing your car will completely rejuvenate your car’s looks. Provided that you carry out mechanical maintenance every now and then, you’ll have a roadster that lasts on the road for long.

Health reasons

Bacteria are all around us. And it can make you ill!

When you detail your car, you subject it to such a thorough makeover that bacteria truly stands no chance.

Interior detailing leaves nothing to chance, ensuring that the dash, seats and handles are free of grubby dirt at all times.

If you live in Minneapolis, then a good auto detail service is what you need to ensure that your car interior is free of illness-causing germs.

Your carpets are of much concern, as they are the single, most culpable vectors of germs in your car. Also, steering wheels are complicit, as that’s the area where bacteria build-up starts from, with sweaty hands.

Professional use

As an auto service company based in Minneapolis, a professional auto detail service can keep you in business and attract the best clients.

Your customers will feel more confident and willing to use your cars if they are regularly detailed.

Also, if you’re a service outfit, like a general contractor, courier or HVAC expert, a sleek, well-detailed car keeps your client assured of your ability to be organized when you do home service.



A fuzzy windscreen can be the difference between life and death. Just as well, wipers perform better on coated windshields than not.

Also, it is known that the brilliance of headlights fades over time. This is particularly true if you live in certain climates.

In addition, your car’s UV coating wears off over time, making your headlight lenses cloudy.

For safety purposes, it’s ideal to detail your car regularly.

O.C Detail provides some of the best auto detailing options in and around Minneapolis. Contact us to upgrade your vehicle’s appearance today!